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MasterStake Coin is an open source cryptography, MasterStake Coin comes to modify the income system with very low supply and great valuation intention.


Our currency is based on the X11 algorithm, being a Network Dash fork based on POW/MN encryption with a community governance system.

Mobile App

Light and functional mobile app, just a way to access our website without having to enter your browser.

We are a Currency with fast and private transfers, always aiming at the security of our employees and system. For more information, see the MasterStake Coin White Paper in English or Portuguese:

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Road Map

Follow, follow our roadmap to stay up to date on our project.

3rd Quarter 2020 - July to September

Start of ICO and MS token pre-sales Group Marketing Work

2nd Quarter 2021 - April to June

Closing of Partnerships with other currencies for the Participation Fund

4th Quarter 2021 - October to December

Start of Development Passive Income System with partnerships with other currencies Later Updates

4th Quarter 2020 - October to December

Coin implantation with stake system Launch of Windows Portfolio and Shared Systems Token Exchange for Currency 1:1 Exchange currency listing

1st Quarter 2022 - January to March

Updates Coming Soon

1st Quarter 2021 - January to March

Implementation of the new Pow/MN system with Swap and Supply Drop

3rd Quarter 2021 - July to September

Listing on New Exchanges Beginning of development of Android APP of P2P exchanges (without previous beginning)

Pool Miners

Yiimp 0769 Miner / Master Stake Coin Pool